Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Okay, here we go.

No, that is NOT a misprint. I MEANT Gorge, cause he has gorged on and sucked the life out of everything he has touched for the last six years.

Wouldn't you think by now that he would get a clue? George Dubya I mean.


(One Bush and one Dick, and everybody gets F******).

Have you ever seen anyone who could sit on his dead ass more than he does while simultaneously doing as much damage to this country, it's constitution, it's infrastructure, it's JOBS and it's FUTURE, as he has?

Boggles the mind.

BARBARA? YOO HOO>...come get your boy, and lock hith sorry but ugly little ath in a room somewhere.
WHILE...the rest of us mop up hith messy.

struck America and thousands were left with...a whole less than they had before.
Film at 11. DAILY.

The INSULT to our American way of life, bought and paid for with the blood of thousands who have fought to preserve it, also just makes me all atwitter.

WHO IN THE WORLD EVER THOUGHT HE would make a good president. TO THE GALLOWS wif them doofuses too. OH YEH, his big shot corporate GREEDIES...and the RELIGIOUS RIGHT...(who primarily still support his sorry butt. Religious? Serving WHAT God? That makes me cringe too).

God very well may be tawky to them idjits, but they sure as HELL ain't listening too well. Need hearing aids, or perhaps a translator or two.

At least one thing is increasingly clear. NOBODY approves of G W's warped little mind anymore. Not Democrats certainly, but more and more Republicans don't either...and the independents are OUTRAGED, as they should be. WE ALL should be.


Your check is in the mail.

That's my opinion. How about you?

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Gay marriage? Seems like everyone is talking about it. (Although it doesn't seem to be much of an issue yet in the seemingly-endless presidential campaign. Least not so far anyway).

Let's look at the issue:
and remember, it's YOUR opinions and comments that I want.

FIRST: Marriage between two consenting adults. Why should this be an issue?

I am the first person (Bear) to say that the Church has an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to decide who and if they want to marry. OR NOT! If they wanna marry two squirrels, fine. OR NOT! That's fine too. (Mental image: 2 squirrels. YECH, but to each his own nuts I alus say).


WHY is this an issue with our society at large?
Marriage...consenting adults. Hmmm.

See, there is a difference between a marriage CEREMONY (A ceremonial thingus you see), and a marriage LICENSE. One has a religious connotation, the other a civil or secular one.

As long as it's TWO PEOPLE (Bears are allowed too), who are consenting (NO FIREARMS INVOLVED...sorta takes the fun out of it but oh well), and it's merely a joining in order to make a commitment statement AS WELL AS guaranteeing their rights under the US CONSTITUTION to be able to have all of the rights and privileges as accorded to EVERYONE ELSE, whose business is it anyway?

NOT the old saw about..."JUST US FOUR AND NO MORE!"

It wasn't right to exclude blacks from the rights of citizenship accorded to everyone in American society, NOR jews, NOR Asians, nor blondes...(although...hehehe).

You oughta be able to just go down to the Clerk's office, fill out the paperwork, and get your license.

If no CHURCH wants to provide you with a CEREMONIAL privilege, I say $#&% them. You're still married.

This seems SO simple, but...

BOTTOM LINE: The STATE should NOT be mixing in to the church by mandating who and what THEY can marry. NEITHER should the CHURCH be mixing in by trying to force restrictions on who can obtain a marriage license. SEPARATION, folks. SEPARATION.

I love the arguments against too. Don't you? Why, it would RIP ASUNDER the ENTIRE FABRIC of our civilization and undermine the core of our society. (Like we would have time for that). Why it would make a mockery of the VERY IDEA of marriage. DOOM MARRIAGE FOR GOOD. (I'm sorry sweetie, but the rest of you are already doing a bang-up job of that all by yourselves. You don't NEED Gay people's help....and trust me, gay mean and women WON'T help you keep screwing up marriage either. WE be too busy getting it RIGHT!).


Gay people? Married and having babies? GASP! ALL THEM BABIES GROW UP TO BE PERVERTS!

Okay, let me reiterate. Like YOU PEOPLE are doing so well?
And, just WHERE ARE all the current crop of perverts coming from, anyway? HMMM, sweetpea? Beyond that, research statistics PROVE that children of homosexual parents do not grow up to BE homosexual at a rate even equalling the general society at large. SO THERE!

FEARMONGERING. I just love it. 290 million doofuses in this country jest a quivery in their knickers because of 30 million doofuses who SIMPLY WANT TO BE FREE to BE..and to be EQUALLY treated in the eyes of the law. Kinda a constitutional thingy, right Bubba?

Look, Heterosexuals outnumber Homosexuals mightily. Gays are outgunned too. (MARY! PUT THAT HAIR DRYER might hurt sumbuddy).

Besides, WHAT in the HELL you got to fear? You don't want to BE gay? Fine. NOBODY WANTS you to be anyway. WHO ASKED YOU? Gays like hotties with style and taste. Giggle. Yes, YOU...with the 4x4 spouting fumes in my cute as hell face...and spitting yecch all ovah the huntin' dogs. Who wants YOU to be gay? NOT ME, Homey. You can jest be straight ALL YAH WANNA. Won't hurt MAH feelies any.

OH, it would just open the door to all them polygamists.

Like we are about to be overrun with people who want 180 wives and 932 children. Have you noticed how much it COSTS? To keep up ONE wife and 2.5 children?

VERY FEW are THAT stupid.
I REITERATE. CONSENTING ADULTS. Not like that Jeff's idjit and his cult. No 80 year old forcing marriage upon a 12 year old. That ain't polygamy. That is insanity. It's also perverted. IT'S ALSO ILLEGAL!

So that argument really ain't one. Won't hold watah.
Besides, I think it says TWO consenting adults. More than that it gets too confusing...and Bears confuse WAY too easily for that crap. Giggle.

"I want him tonight." "NO, IT'S MY TURN!" "YOU TWO. IT'S MY TURN...BEARRRRRRRRRR."

Perhaps Ah wath a bit hasty.

"OH HONEY, I got the kids shoes for school today. $9,242,68.
Okay. My original statement stands.

You know what?
I'm sorry, but I don't give a flying finger WHO you are or what your beliefs are. YOU DON'T have the right to dictate to me WHO I can marry. If you're a church, you have the right to prevent me from doing it in your church, but you are on dangerous MORAL GROUND when you deny me from getting a license and having a CIVIL ceremony.

As long as there is no coercion, and it's not a matter of marrying out of your species, (Or marrying in the nude in the town square at high noon...but what a wonder that would be),
TAIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS BUT MAH OWN, as that old song lyric goes.

I AM SICK TO DEATH of self-righteous bigots trying to ram their idea of morality down other people's throats. If you notice, JESUS CHRIST didn't even do that. He had more sense...and his father was backing him up too.

You don't have to be gay. I don't have to be. Neither of us have to be ANYTHING but what and WHO we truly are. 'BOUT time we started PRACTICING...REAL...CHRISTIANITY, rather than some religious interpretation of what SOME PEOPLE THINK...God wants of us.

Last time I looked, MY GOD is a God of Love, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 2:20). How about trying THAT for a change.



Agree? Disagree? Wanna elaborate?

GO FOR IT. Here's your chance, as usual.

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All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Barbra Streisand



There is a raging discussion going on these days. The debate over whether or not there is a problem...seems to be at long last over. Now comes the TOUGH part. What to do next?

I am tawky about global warming, of course.

This weekend marks the celebration of the ongoing discourse...'Live Earth', being held on all seven continents...with over 150 major artists performing everywhere from The Meadowlands to London and beyond.

So, in light of all that, I WELCOME comments, suggestions, and thoughts on this critically important issue.

Don't be shy. Don't have to be intellectual, simply your personal feelings on the subject. Even better, tell us what you think you as an individual can DO about Global warming. IF anything?
What we ALL can do.

EXAMPLE: Stop buying behemoth SUV vehicles and those immense 4x4's.
(Just a thought, Bubba).

So, now's your chance to make your thoughts known...and to share what you might suggest what we can do to stave off the inevitable ultimate disaster unless we begin to act.

Post simple comments here. For lengthier ones, or if you wish to clarify your comments, email to:

I will then post them at your direction.

Thanks, and happy thinky.




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